Hecomin was established in 1994; since 2001, the company has enlarged its field of activity opening a section of cardboard packages, which became with time the main activity of the company.

We have started this industry with a small number of employees, who are still active within our company, but with time and the higher and higher demand o the market for cardboard recyclables, we succeeded, together with our partners, in developing on such segment.

We concluded the first year of activity with a production of approx. 200,000 boxes/year, with only 6 employees, reaching in 2014 a production of tens of millions of boxes/year, performed with 40 employees and having a production surface of 5,000 m2.

Of course, in order to remain competitive, we have assured a good organizing in the factory on distinct production sectors and proper equipping with state of the art machines compliant to European standards, so that, we are up to responding and face more and more exigent demands from our clients.