We produce cardboard packaging, of different shapes and sizes, a variety of materials and with high quality finishes, depending on the customer’s wishes. We use corrugated cardboard, compact cardboard, and produce both simple and complex packaging.

With vast experience in the field, Hecomin specialists are at your disposal with packaging design services and cardboard boxes for shoes, food, gifts, clothing, toys, etc., at high quality standards. We produce foldable cardboard boxes and we help you with various solutions to ensure that our customers are satisfied and have a positive experience with quality services. We have the experience, the necessary technology, as well as a well-trained team, which allows us to show promptness, flexibility, innovation.

Duplex cardboard is made of 2 different layers of fibrous material, and they are joined, wet, by pressing.

Duplex cardboard packaging is used to store medicines, various products from the food, textile or tea industry, etc. They are ecological and recyclable materials, not being toxic. Duplex cardboard folding boxes are of high quality, durable and keep the products safe.