Laminated boxes are attractive packaging, made of foldable cardboard, of different types. These are, in general, singular boxes that ensure both the protection of the product and a suitable or even elegant presentation of it. They are delivered folded and are used, mostly, in the footwear, pharmaceutical, electronic products or beverages industry, etc.

Of different shapes and sizes, made of corrugated cardboard type III, over which is glued a

printed paper sheet, they give a special look, quality products and a special presentation.

Hecomin recommends the use of this type of boxes, products whose packaging is an important part of the business image. Nowadays, the image is very important, that’s why a packaging that properly represents your business, differentiates you from the competition and brings you to the attention of potential customers.

These foldable cardboard boxes, scrapped, can be customized, on request, according to customer preferences. The use of these discarded boxes draws attention to your product and attracts the attention of potential customers.