Hecomin produces boxes and packaging for a wide range of products such as: shoes, food, gifts, clothing, toys, etc. We use a variety of paper and cardboard materials, enhanced by us through the modern techniques used for printing, varnishing, stamping, hot foil and lamination.

Our goal is to offer customers the best quality products, complete services and prompt delivery times and in maximum safety. With the help of a team of professionals, we are interested in respecting the needs and values ​​of each client.

Our company is organized in distinct sectors to meet the increasingly demanding demands of the entrepreneurial world. From the estimates office to the administration office, from graphic design to the final product, from the printing department to cutting and gluing, everything is coordinated and optimized to get the best results. We use professional equipment, so that our products are of high quality and meet customer requirements.

Hecomin is the right choice! Experience, services at high standards, as well as respect for the customer, are the attributes we recommend!


Each company has its particularities given, first of all, by the values ​​according to which it is guided. They support the vision and reflect what the company owns.

The fundamental values ​​that underlie the company are: mutual respect, creativity, integrity, social responsibility, a good relationship with customers, and responsibility for the environment. For us, quality, promptness and professionalism are key elements!

Mutual respect – a relationship based on respect and collaboration is very important, both for us and for the client.

Creativity – we are open to new ideas and we are constantly developing!

Professionalism – our specialists have solid knowledge in the field, as well as the necessary experience to face the challenges with flying colors

Responsibility – one of our goals is to maintain high standards of quality and performance, to give due respect to our community.

Quality – we are interested in offering the best services and to successfully meet customer requirements

Development – we like to grow as people, as a team, as well as as an organization.

These values ​​that guide us are very important to us and are unwavering!


Hecomin was established in 1994. Starting with 2001, the company expanded its field of activity by opening a cardboard packaging section, which over time became the main activity of the company.

We started in this industry with a small number of employees, who are still active in the company. Over time, the growing demand on the market for recyclable cardboard products has increased. Together with our partners, we managed to develop in this segment.

The first year of activity, we ended it with a production of about 200,000 boxes / year with only 6 employees, reaching in 2014 a production of tens of millions of boxes / year with 40 employees and a production area of ​​5,000 m2.

Of course, in order to remain competitive, we have ensured a good organization in the factory on distinct production sectors and a proper equipment with state-of-the-art equipment in accordance with European standards. At the moment, we manage to respond and face the increasingly demanding requests from our customers.

Our goal is to offer quality and professionalism, to respond brilliantly to customer requirements, to be up to date with the latest trends in the field. We rely on a team of professionals, with whom Hecomin excels!


Because packaging is your product, we are supporters of creative and innovative ideas, using the latest technology, designed to support even the most demanding requirements.

Our production in the packaging industry is very varied, with innovative proposals regarding the use of quality materials and advanced technical solutions.

In order to increase the quality of our products, we constantly invest in technology. We offer consulting in choosing the design of cardboard boxes or packaging, we pay attention to the client’s wishes, in order to capitalize as accurately as possible on the aspects you really care about.

Our raw material is paper and cardboard, of the highest quality, and the packaging is made with maximum responsibility and attention to detail. We try to keep up with the news on the market, that’s why we invest time and energy to create products of a special quality, which correspond to the expectations of our customers.

We treat each project with great responsibility, and this is reflected in our actions, in the uniqueness of each package and cardboard box made.

We are concerned with the recovery and recycling of paper and cardboard, because we care about protecting the environment.