Marketing develops plans to gain customers, advertising strives to highlight the product and packaging makes it possible for the product to assert itself on the shelf next to other products. Packaging for various products such as video cassettes and CDs, game boxes, games, displays, etc.


The shoes need certain conditions during storage so that it does not undergo any change. Given that the product can be purchased after a longer period of manufacture, the shoes are placed in cardboard boxes, these being the ideal solution for sandals, shoes, boots, sneakers, sneakers, etc. The boxes must respect a certain format, so that the handling and transport are done in the best conditions, and the buyers are satisfied with the purchased product.

Therefore, we offer cardboard shoe boxes, printed or non-printed, depending on your requirements. In addition, due to an advanced technology and creative potential, we manage to successfully fulfill all orders received, to the satisfaction of customers who use our services and products.


Whether it is display packaging, trays for storage or transport, special cardboard boxes, up to cardboard packaging for frozen products, flexo or offset printing, we guarantee that you will find here a team of professionals ready to meet any requirement coming from the client, as long as it is achievable.

Considering that these are boxes and packaging for the food sector, we have implemented an ISO 9001 quality management system, and an ISO 14001 environmental management system, in accordance with the international standard. At the same time, working for this segment, our suppliers of raw materials, well-known companies internationally, ensure us with each delivery the sanitary certificate for the purchased goods.

The boxes are customized with one or more colors, photo, depending on customer requirements. We specialize in packaging for confectioneries, pastries, pizzerias, as well as fast food; special packaging to bring an extra image to your products. We can also develop other packaging, which is not on the site depending on the needs of each client. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to offer you the optimal solution.


We make rigid boxes of different sizes and models, printed, embossed, plasticized with or without a plastic window, made of cardboard, in order to present the product in a special elegance.


Do you want a package that offers you protection during each stage of the production process, whether it is components, semi-manufactured products or finished products?

Industrial packaging provides protection during each stage of production, such as the storage and transport of spare parts, semi-finished and finished products.

Discover our high-performance industrial packaging solutions that are reliable, safe and individualized.


We produce packaging and cardboard boxes of any type and size at the lowest prices: classic boxes, transport boxes, cardboard boxes, boxes with lids, self-forming boxes and much more.