If you want a special, elegant packaging for your products, then telescopic rigid boxes are the best choice! The image of you and your business is very important. The way you present yourself matters a lot for your business: an elegant, quality image offers credibility and trust to potential clients / collaborators. Choose to present yourself in a special way, with our help! The telescopic boxes are made of micro corrugated cardboard or type III cardboard and can be simple or printed.

Hecomin produces boxes and packaging for a wide range of products such as: shoes, food, gifts, clothing, toys, etc. We use a variety of paper and cardboard materials, enhanced by us through the modern techniques used for printing, varnishing, stamping, hot foil and lamination.

We produce cardboard packaging, of different shapes and sizes, a variety of materials and with high quality finishes, depending on the customer’s wishes. We use corrugated cardboard, compact cardboard, and produce both simple and complex packaging.

Hard telescopic book-type boxes can be used to create elegant floral arrangements, to store jewelry or gifts, etc. They are decorative boxes, of high quality, which give a special note to your business. Choose to take care of your business, by creating a professional image. The way you present yourself is very important!

Telescopic boxes can be simple or printed, depending on your needs! Based on one of the most modern production techniques, the packaging produced by Hecomin ensures the best quality and increased safety for various external actions. In addition to functionality, they can be customized, upon request, and can be excellent advertising materials for your company. In different shapes, sizes and prints, the book type boxes have a pleasant appearance, are elegant and can be customized, depending on the customer’s preferences.